Surfing Tsunami

Category: Games, Pixel Art

Download for free from the AppStore

What is better than pixel-art powered crazy city-surfing? Well – nothing is:) Let me present you a Tsunami Surfing – a fast, action-packed game about a surfer escaping a giant wave through the city. The game has been developed and published by AppTooth and we were responsible for all the awesome pixel-art and animations you can see in the game.

The game is available for free on the AppStore – check it out for yourself:)

  1. james smith

    I willllllllllllllllllll love this game

  2. james smith

    optic gaming love this game

  3. Schaik

    lol The Surfer Boy looking.. Joachim Low !!!
    (German Football Team Manager)

    but nice n Cool art ..keep it up

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